viernes, 21 de octubre de 2016

English review - messy grammar!

We have been working on 3 main areas in our classes. I know how difficult and confusing that could be, that's why I m linking here some helpful videos I found (found-->past simple of find, irregular verb) These 3 parts are:

1) Countable vs. Uncountable nouns, how to express quantity and need.
2) The past simple: regular vs. Irregular verbs. Affirmative, negative and questions.
3) Food: vocabulary, verbs (chop, stir, mix, add...)

We have been working on our spelling with our exciting Spell Bees! They re becoming truly champions! I promise posting videos very soon.

Please!!! Los vídeos son un apoyo al trabajo de clase, aprovechar para verlos varias veces y apuntar dudas, trucos, cosas interesantes que pondremos en común en clase el lunes (aun no hay examen, relax!)

Have a nice weekend my dears!


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